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Are there plans to export a form fillable version of these for playing online?

Well there might be now… I'm not very familiar with this so far, are you talking about a fillable PDF, or should I look into another format?


Yeah, it was a fillable PDF that I meant

Hi! Since you were the one to suggest this, would you care having a look at this fillable single-sheet PDF, and let me know if it fits the standards? I'd never really done this before so I figured I'd better check before publishing something odd. Also, do you think a 4-sheets version like the one published before would be of any use? I guess each player has its own PDF so probably not, right?

Thanks for your feedback on this:


This looks good! I can’t seem to get any differences on the ruin track when I click on the dice

Oops, I guess it doesn't work on every PDF viewer…

Thanks for your feedback anyway, I'll publish the update very soon!